iotji by DEPS has completed installation of the LoRaWAN network for PJSC “A / T Tyutyunova company” B.A.T.-Priluki.

8 February 2021
Блог > Projects > Industry > iotji by DEPS has completed installation of the LoRaWAN network for PJSC “A / T Tyutyunova company” B.A.T.-Priluki.

Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) system from iotji will help

fulfill the company’s commitment to the environment.

Telecommunication integrator and supplier of IoT solutions – iotji by DEPS – in January 2021 completed the first stage of building a private LoRaWAN network for PJSC “A / T Tyutyunova company” B.A.T.-Priluki. The LoRaWAN wireless system will reduce the water consumption by the factory with continuously and contactless collection of information about water usage.

iot в производствеYevheniy Yevtushenko, Business Development Director of DEPS, says: “This project is extremely interesting to us. It is noteworthy not only the introduction of advanced IoT technologies in Ukrainian mafunacturing, but also the desire of our client to preserve nature. Now the world has real problems with access to clean water and clean air, CO2 emissions, and the depletion of non-renewable resources. Our common task is to reduce the negative impact of mankind on the environment, so I personally am very impressed by participation in such a project. “

To implement the company’s strategy to conserve natural resources, the iotji team built a wireless telemetry system from scratch in a few days, installing sensors at several dozen water metering points. iotji also configured the processing of the collected information on the company’s servers.

According to iotji forecasts, hourly statistics will optimize the consumption of water resources for technological processes, and the automation of information collection will have a concomitant effect in a more rational distribution of working time for factory workers. The LoRaWAN network will also report potential failures in water supply systems.


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iotji is a new project from DEPS, which develops the direction of wireless technology solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT). As part of a unified DEPS team, iotji is built to grow, scale, and strengthen your business with the latest IoT technologies. iotji is a team of technical professionals with many years of experience in the domestic telecommunications market that is fanatically in love with the Internet of Things. iotji provides qualified assistance in choosing a concept for building an IoT network, commissioning and testing a solution on site.

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