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The problems of managing a suburban restaurant and hotel complex, whose visitors value privacy and a high level of comfort, cannot be solved only with the help of staff and a closed well-groomed area. Many issues – from area lighting to indoor climate control and the condition of heating systems – must be constantly monitored. However, the staff has no right to violate the privacy of guests. Initially, they tried to find a way out of the situation by introducing appropriate wired sensors and actuators. But, as practice has shown, it is very expensive and, moreover, the installation of such sensors is additional damage to buildings, which entails an increase in repair costs. The solutions of the Internet of Things proposed by iotji will help to cope with this task.


It is possible to deploy a LoRaWAN network on the territory of the hospitality complex, it will allow you to quickly connect a number of sensors for monitoring the state of the premises. So, in the storerooms of the complex, wireless temperature and humidity control sensors, smoke detectors are installed in all rooms. To control the territory and premises, sensors for opening windows and doors were installed, as well as smart lighting control. In buildings where restaurants are located – smart detectors to detect rodents and additional CO – carbon monoxide detectors. Information from sensors whose batteries are designed for a period of 5 to 10 years of operation are transmitted via a radio channel to the LoRaWAN gateway. Further, the data on the state of the sensors is transmitted via the Internet to specialized software for display. The employees of the complex have access to this information depending on their position.


Properly organized monitoring using IoT solutions minimizes unforeseen staff interventions in the guests’ recreation, reduces human resources and monetary costs. The appearance of the LoRaWAN network will make it possible to implement technical metering of energy resources (electricity, water, gas) for each facility separately, which, as a result, will reduce costs by 20% in the first month, and lighting control, by the end of the first half of the year, will almost halve this cost item. Installation of wireless sensors quickly and without additional costs for repairs also significantly saves costs for managing and maintaining the operation of the complex.





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