LoRaWAN for remote utilities metering avoids conflicts with tenants

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It is imperative for a real estate agency looking for and renting apartments to maintain a constructive dialogue between the landlord and the tenant. However, it is quite difficult to do without conflicts here – most often they arise due to the desire of the landlord to control everything in his property. Landlords do not hesitate to visit tenants several times a month to check meter readings, monitor water, gas, heat consumption, although there is no need (as well as reasons for suspicion). This, of course, makes the residents nervous.

Earlier, the real estate agency tried to resolve the situation through dialogue. But the agreements did not work: just the transfer of meter readings did not arouse the confidence of the landlords, the photo of indicators without a date did not. Letting the owner into the apartment, but a stranger, for obvious reasons, the tenants are also not comfortable.


The solution to this situation was iotji solutions for remote control of meter readings. IoT solutions were installed in the apartments for removing data from water meters, gas and electricity consumption: data is read from meters, converted and sent via a radio channel to the LoRaWAN gateway installed on the house. The readings are visualized in an application, which is accessible to an employee of the agency. He archives the readings and sends a report to the landlord once a month. This allows you to minimize the risks associated with trust, to avoid the human factor (mistakes, inaccuracies and information hiding) in communication between the tenant and the owner of the home.



The long-term operation of the devices (the sensors are designed for 5 years of autonomous operation) allows you to get rid of conflict situations and simplify the process of monitoring indicators for a long time. Due to the ability to scale the solution, they became interested in condominiums, which IoT technologies will help to establish a process for effective control of resource consumption in individual houses and residential complexes.





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