Our mission is to show you the Internet of Things world

Variety of vendors

We help you to navigate through the largest portfolio of IoT equipment brands on the Ukrainian market

Project of any scale

We offer solutions for operators and system integrators, as well as individual industry solutions

Innovative Internet of Things technology

We offer advanced solutions base on the latest generation of IoT equipment - functional, efficient and long-lasting


iotji – is a new project of DEPS, focused on Internet of Things (IoT) solutions

As a part of united DEPS team iotji was created develop and strengthen your business with aid of IoT technologies. Like emoji, which is a universal set of symbols for conveying meaning, iotji is a universal set of wireless IoT (Internet of Things) solutions for various areas of activity.

We are the team of technical specialists with solid experience in the domestic and global telecommunications market. We are the team who is fanatically in love with the Internet of Things. We provide qualified assistance to your business: from designing the concept of IoT network and to rollout and launching the solution on site.

How it's made


We will provide you with up-to-date information

about the technology and help you to pick up the right options


We provide equipment for testing

if you are familiar with technology


We are launching a pilot project

and install equipment in your real workflows


We are developing a full-scale project

gather information, do installation and manageable launch


We provide technical support

analyze the results of the installation and provide the necessary information


We are expanding the installed system

add functionality and equipment at your request






iotji offers solutions based on the Internet of Things technology, it allows to establish high-quality monitoring of production facilities, automate many processes and significantly increase business efficiency.

We develop custom projects for the specific needs of every customer. Elements of IoT solutions from different vendors are easily integrated into a single system, which allows us to find the optimal approach based on your specific requirements.

We think ahead. Each IoT system is specially designed by iotji experts with a functional overcapacity. Already at the stage of commissioning and testing, the project is optimized according to long-term plans of the client.

We accompany the client at each stage of the project. iotji experts monitor the entire process of work - from testing of the system to implementing a ready-made solution and its further scaling.

iotji helps to select the necessary IoT solutions for specific business needs and production tasks of a specific industry.

We understand there is no universal solution, and we aim to work effectively with each client.

Lots of solutions from the world's leading manufacturers allow us to guarantee the optimal ratio of price and quality of the project.

Each solution goes through the mandatory stages of internal iotji QA and testing at the customer's facilities.

The success and years of experience of the parent company DEPS - a guarantee of reliability of iotji solutions. We value our reputation and each of our clients.

Individual approach

Large selection of vendors

Quality guarantee




Denis Ovsannikov

Team Leader

Igor Tihonenko

Sales manager

Oleksii Lytvynenko

Radio engineer

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