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Taking into account the general large space and the need to comply with safety standards in the organization of the work process, production facilities require lighting with a high degree of brightness and brightness, which, in turn, is reflected in a large number of lighting fixtures with high power consumption. In this regard, the issue of optimizing the costs associated with the coverage of all major production and ancillary facilities for each company is on the agenda.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account the nuances characteristic of the production sphere, associated with the supply and disconnection of lighting at the industrial facility. A limited number of people should have access to the electrical control panel, which entails the need for constant physical presence of the employee responsible for supplying and turning off the lighting. This, in turn, means additional administrative costs or suboptimal organization of the workflow with failures and technical overlays.


The system based on LoRaWAN wireless data transmission with connected luminaries with dimming monitors the lighting parameters and is equipped with a remote control. A gateway is installed on the territory of the enterprise, which receives information from the luminaires and transmits the command for switching on depending on the time of day, the level of natural light on the street or the command from the motion sensors. All information on the operation of lamps and switchboards is reduced to a single control point of the enterprise. As a result, when the warehouse closes, the system automatically shuts off the lighting, or switches it to maximum energy efficiency, reducing electricity consumption by 50% -65%.



Additionally, monitoring of power lines is possible. Thus 100% control over serviceability of all lighting equipment, and also existence of supply of power supply to it is reached. Reed switches are able to signal the condition of the door, enhancing security. And the flexible power management system is capable to automate supply of pressure on the equipment of any type.





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