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At one of the food industry enterprises, it was found that when refrigerant leaks or its pressure drops in the system, the temperature regime of the refrigeration system does not reach a predetermined level. This reduces the efficiency of the entire system and increases energy consumption. Stopping equipment, calling specialists and repairing negatively affects the production process and the rhythm of deliveries of finished products to customers. It was decided to install an additional system for monitoring the performance of refrigeration equipment.


The company’s specialists have deployed a wireless network of the LoRaWAN standard on the territory of the enterprise. In the refrigeration chambers, special wireless temperature and humidity sensors were installed, specially designed for operation in low temperatures. Installation and installation of sensors inside refrigerating chambers does not require any mechanical intervention in the structure, and the LoRaWAN data transfer protocol allows data to be transmitted via a radio channel through the metal shielded walls of refrigerating chambers.

Wireless sensors for the state of opening / closing of refrigeration chambers and current sensors were installed on the electric motors of refrigeration unit compressors. All this data was displayed on the Thingsboard app server.

The system allows you to control the state of the doors (open / closed), temperature and humidity inside the refrigerating chambers, and control the frequency of compressor activation. By analyzing all the data obtained, the system allows you to make a conclusion about the efficiency of refrigeration units, predict their maintenance without emergency stops.


The refrigeration equipment performance monitoring system made it possible to remotely monitor the quality of storage of products, ensure control over the modes of use of refrigeration chambers, promptly respond to equipment malfunctions, and reduced the risk of financial and image damage due to delays in product deliveries.





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