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Regional Power Grid (RPG) facilities are located on a large territory, prone to natural disasters, vandals. Often the equipment is operated beyond its service life, more often it breaks down due to overloads. In such cases, dispatchers of the distribution zone need to make prompt decisions on the elimination of breakdowns, based on reliable information.

We were contacted after the RPG specialists had already tried to independently install alarms on infrastructure facilities. Their solutions were unreliable, depended on the coverage of mobile operators, and required monthly subscription fees.


On the territory of the region, the specialists of our company have deployed a LoRaWAN network. For this purpose, three outdoor base stations were installed at the existing high-rise facilities – the radio communication antenna mast of the RPG, the chimney of the boiler room and the radio relay communication antenna mast. The expanded network covered the entire area and the main objects of control of the RPG.

Door opening sensors were installed at key transformer substations. Electricity meters with built-in LoRaWAN modems were installed at the entrance and exit to the substation, which acted as current and voltage controllers.

All sensor data was sent to base stations and then transferred to the Thingsboard application server. Dispatchers and mobile teams gained access to the software from computers and mobile devices. Emergency situations were notified by e-mail and messengers to operators at the dispatch center.


In case of emergencies, operational information from sensors is used by dispatchers to find the causes of breakdowns. Thus, the service team spends less time on fixing the problem, its work is completely controlled by the dispatch center.

According to changes in network parameters, which can be monitored in real time, dispatchers have the ability to adjust its load capacity.

Door opening sensors at the entrances of substations effectively inform about attempts of unauthorized access to RES facilities, helping the employees of the enterprise to promptly counteract vandalism.

Thanks to the deployed LoRaWAN network within the boundaries of one region, the RES is considering the possibility of installing additional modems on electricity meters for remote data collection.





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