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Navigation and control of the parking lot near the supermarket is one of the key problems when organizing the space in front of such an object. The convenience of the visitor and, consequently, his loyalty depends on this, which is directly reflected in the income from the object. “Traditional” control does not justify itself: a potential buyer is annoyed by a person who manually allocates free parking spaces and informs the driver about it when entering the parking lot. Especially when there are no vacancies. This situation often ends up in conflict and loss of customers. According to estimates, only every third potential buyer of a car drives up to ask if there is a free parking space. The loss of 2/3 of customers-motorists, even if there are parking spaces, is an unaffordable luxury in a crisis.


The implementation of parking space occupancy sensors with displaying information about free spaces on the visualization server will help solve the problem of effective parking management. The system for detecting free parking spaces works on the basis of LoRaWAN technology: car presence sensors equipped with a special magnetic sensor were built into the site; they transmit information about the occupancy of specific parking spaces to the base station in real time via the 868 MHz radio channel.

LoRaWAN data transmission capabilities allow you to cover the entire supermarket with one station, which sends data to the application server, after which they are visualized on a board displaying the number of free spaces in the guest parking. Thanks to the use of LoRaWAN technology, the signal from under the car arrives without loss, and the autonomous operation of the sensors for 5 years guarantees no problems taking into account parking spaces.


This solution allows you to organize timely notification of drivers about the busyness or free parking space, simplifies navigation and finding a free space for the driver. In turn, the owner of the parking lot receives an effective system for monitoring and recording the occupancy of the facility.

In addition, the construction of the Internet of Things network, covering the supermarket, allows further implementation of IoT solutions for monitoring the infrastructure of the facility: add control of water and electricity consumption, operation of refrigeration units, control of access to premises and many others. The versatility and scalability of iotji solutions also allows you to quickly deploy smart parking lighting on your existing infrastructure.





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